Weird things girls have in their mind … ;)


Many of you have partners and there’s definitely some naughty things come across your mind to so with your partner. Let’s find out what most of the girls wish to do with their partners:

Doing hanky panky in the washroom of a train:

There’s one friend of mine she always used to make bucket list. Then she finally fall in love with someone so randomly asked her what’s your wildest fantasy with him then she said always wanted to do some naughty stuff with her guy in a train’s loo. She also mentioned that one day they were making out in some cafe’s restroom and were caught by the owner. This was very hilarious.

Kissing a total stranger:

We surely have lots of weird thoughts in our mind. There’s this girl I met in the cafe the other day. We both were reading the novel of the same auther(Robin Sharma) then we started chit chatting. Then she told me that she wanna kiss a total stranger one day. She mentioned that one of his friend went to the club and saw a girl over there they both danced and in the end said goodbye each other with a kiss. He said he kissed many girls but kissing a total stranger feels very different it’s like no strings attached.

Self satisfaction scenario

There’s this one friend of my from high school. She used to stay at hostel. One day she shared one of funny incident happened with her. One night she couldn’t sleep so she started surfing internet she noticed other two mates of her sleeping while keeping while listening music from their ear plugs it was winters she was in her blanket. It was the night time and as you all know khaali dimag shaitan ka ghar(empty mind is a devil’s mind) so she started surfing adult sites and got aroused. She thought everyone’s sleep so she did some self satisfaction and was moaning a bit. After 15mins or so lights turned on and her room mates were recording her voice. She along with her roomates started laughing and while sharing this stuff with me she couldn’t stop laughing. It was one hell of a funny story.

Fantasies of a college girl

One of my college mate was always into boys and adult stuff. She has done lots naughty things in her life. One day she went in the some park during the noon time with her boyfriend and made out in an open area during noon. and the next day she was like guys you must try to make out in an open space it’s totally a different experience although we’ve been caught by some middle aged woman while we both were half naked still it was a good risk to take.

Kissing your favorite teacher you have crush on:

We all have lots of crushes in our day to day lives. And for surely we all have crush on one of our teachers. I too had a huge crush on one of my sir. He was very hot and manly. I always dreamed of kissing him. While in school I always prefer to be near to him like all the time and it has been my fantasy to at least kiss him once in my lifetime. Though I didn’t get a chance to kiss him my bad! I hope you guys will have such a chance.

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