Vintage cars jodhpur

Travel : Classical and Antique vintage cars of Jodhpur


Classical vintage cars

Jodhpur is located towards the western side of the capital city(Jaipur) of Rajasthan,India. Jodhpur is the second biggest city of Rajasthan,India. Jodhpur is known as sun city because Jodhpur has sunny and bright weather throughout the year.  Rajasthan being a princely state have many beautiful tourist places in Rajasthan to travel. Jodhpur has many beautiful forts and palaces built here. Jodhpur is quiet famous for the collection of amazing classic and antique vintage cars. Jodhpur is a royal city, this city helds vinatge car rally every year which shows the aura of royal blood and makes you feel the same.

Vintage cars jodhpur

Jodhpur organizes Vintage car rallies every year. You can feel a special experience by taking rides in these beautiful antique vintage cars all by yourself. Jodhpur displays vintage cars at Ajit Bhavan and Umaid Bhavan palace. From Ajit Bhavan and Umaid Bhavan palace these splendid vintage cars drove for the rally to Polo ground in Jodhpur. People assembled in the Polo ground and enjoy the rally of classic vintage cars and along with that they enjoy Horse polo matches for entertainment.vintage car rajasthan


Former ruler Gaj Singh II owns around seven vintage cars rest vintage cars belong to his family members and other powerful people of Jodhpur. Fleet of the vintage cars include

1934 make Buick Super, Morris Minor and Delahay, 1933 made Pontiak, 1947 made Jeepster and Desoto etc. 1935 made Rolls Royce Phantom was a showstopper registered as number one car of Jodhpur. Gaj Singh II says it’s a tradition to display vintage cars just to assimilate public about these spellbound vintage cars so that they can explore the automobile history.


Amazing thing about Jodhpur is that you can hire these beautiful vintage cars. You can get a ride around the city and enjoy your ride in Royal aura. During vintage car rallies vintage cars from Ajit Bhavan and Umaid Bhavan are set beautifully and takes round around the entire city after then classic vintage cars are displayed in the polo ground. Most of the times in rallies Gaj Singh II sits in his own vintage car along with his chauffeur and citizens of Jodhpur,Rajasthan comes and see the rally and greet Gaj Singh II.


Other than Vintage car rally there are many more things to enjoy in Jodhpur. You can visit Mehrangarh fort in Jodhpur, there’s this beautiful Mandor garden which really brightens up your mood, science park of Jodhpur is a must visit place, this place provides so much information about the history of science which was originated in India, you can also visit Machia Biological Park of Jodhpur it’s an interesting park you can find the different types of species of animals including Alligator, Crocodile, Lion, Leopard,etc other than animals you will find different types of plants such as Thor, Bougainvillea,etc. There’s a zoo which displays many wild animals and birds. At Machia Biological Park, there’s museum inside it which displays the types of birds, animals and plants this park has. Other than these there are many more beautiful places to visit in Jodhpur, Rajasthan. Come and travel this beautiful city and explore each and every corner of this beautiful tourist place of Rajasthan.

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