Top places to visit in Neemrana in Alwar district of Rajasthan,India

Neemrana Fort View

Neemrana is a Historical site situated in Alwar district of Rajsthan,India which is 150 km from Jaipur on the Delhi-Jaipur highway in Neemrana tehsil. Neemrana is an industrial hub. Neemrana is situated in between Behror and Shahajahanpur. Neemrana is also known as Ahirwal region in India.

Palaces to visit in Neemrana : Neemrana Palace Fort

Neemrana is famous for it’s mind blowing Neemran fort palace, a palace where Rajput Maharaja(King) Prithvi Raj Chouhan II reigned. Neemrana palace fort was built in 1464AD. Now Neemrana palace fort is converted into one of the luxurious old heritage hotels of Neemrana in Alwar district of Rajasthan, India. Other than Neemrana palace fort there are many more beautiful places to visit at Neemrana in Alwar district such as Bawdi Deep Water Step Well, Foot hills of Araballi, Zip lining, Sariska National Park(126 km from Neemrana), etc.

Things to do In Neemrana tehsil of Alwar district of Rajasthan, India:-

There are many beautiful, luxurious as well as reasonable hotels to stay in Neemrana.

Places to stay in Neemrana are Starlit Suits which is 2 km away from the city, Komachi hotel which is 1.8km from the city, Days hotel Neemrana which is 7.1 km from city center, OYO 12520 Hotel Grand Tara which is 6.7km away from the city, Adhunik Hotel Neemrana which is 2.4km from city center, Om hotel which is 14.6km from city,etc.

Hotels and restaurants in Neemrana provides North Indian Rajasthani food which is spicy and have unique dishes. Common food include  Dal-Bato-Churma, Mirchi Bada and pyaaj Kachori. Both vegetarian and non vegetarian food is available here. Papar and Pickles are served with each and every dishes as toppings.

How to reach at Neemrana tehsil in Alwar district of Rajasthan,India:-

You can reach Neemrana more comfortably by Roadways as there is no particular railway station and airways in Neemrana. Neemrana is situated in between the highway of Delhi-Jaipur and each and every bus stops at Neemrana stop. Hiring a cab and using your own vehicle for roadways is much more convenient. Those who wants to travel through airways can book their tickets for the nearest airport which International Indira Gandhi airport in Delhi and from their you can heir a cab. And the nearest railway station is Rewari which is 38km away from the city. For local transportion it is best either to vote a driver or a cab or you own vehicle.

History of Neemrana tehsil of Alwar district of Rajasthan,India:-

Neemrana palace fort was built in 1464AD where Rajput Maharaja(king) Prithvi Raj Chouhan reigned eho made Neemrana it’s third capital. The fort has been restored and reconstructed for it’s history and modernity. Neemrana hotel company was established in 1991. Neemrana is now an industrial hub. In 1986 the ruins of Neemrana fort were acquired for restoration and by 1991 the fort Palace was resplendent and majestic once again. Neemrana is also known as Ahirwal region in India. Haryanvi language and culture have followed this area as it is just a few kilometers away from the border of Haryana and Rajasthan. Ahirwal is a region spanning parts of southern Haryana and north-eastern Rajasthan, both of which are present-day states in India. The region was once a small principality based from the town of Rewari and controlled by members of the Ahir community from around the time when the Mughal empire was in decline.

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