Places to visit in mout abu

Top-rated places to visit in Mount Abu:-


Mount Abu is situated in the Indian state of Rajasthan. Mount Abu is a hill station in western India’s Rajasthan state, near the Gujarat border. Mount Abu is situated in the Aravalli Range in Sirohi district of Rajasthan state in western India. There are many beautiful places to visit in Mount Abu,Rajasthan including:

Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary:-

Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary is located in one of the oldest ranges of India, Aravalli ranges. It was declared a wildlife sanctuary in the year 1980. Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary is very rich in floral biodiversity. Mount Abu is the only place in Rajasthan where you can find varieties of Orchids. This place is also rich in 3 species of wild roses, 16 species of feras, bamboo forest, bryophytes and algae. A variety of fauna, including highly rare, threatened and endangered species are found in this sanctuary. You can also find Indian leopard, wild boar, Indian fox, golden jackal, Indian wolf, etc. You can also enjoy Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary Jeep Safari. Timings to visit Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary are from 9:00 am to 5:30pm.

Trevors Tank:-

Trevors Tank is the beauty of the heart of Mount Abu,Rajasthan. People who love crocodiles must visit Trevor’s Tank in Mount Abu. It is a small yet a beautiful place to visit in Rajasthan. You can enjoy the road trip along with turns of Mount Abu visit the beautiful scenario or Rajasthan. You can also enjoy bird watching from Salim Ali Point in Mount Abu. Timings of Trevors Tank are from 9:00am to 5:00pm. The best time to visit this amazing place is all seasons except for rainy season.

Nakki Lake:-

Nakki Lake is a lake situated in the Indian hill station of Mount Abu in Aravalli range. Best things to do and enjoy at Nakki Lake in Mount Abu is boating with your loved ones which provides serenity to you trip. You can also enjoy horse riding around the lake. You can also visit some palaces and temples around the Nakki Lake,Mount Abu including Raghunath Temple, Maharaja Jaipur Palace, etc. There is the Toad Rock on a hill near the lake. Toad rock is so called as it looks like a toad about to jump into the lake, from the side of the rock facing the lake.

Lover’s point:-

Lover’s point is one of the places to visit in Mount Abu for honeymoon. It is oone of the must places to visit in Mount Abu it has amazing mountain views and sightseeing of rivers which is really breathtaking. You can also sunset and sunrise on lover’s point in Mount Abu with your partner.

Toad rock:-

Toad rock is situated near Nakki Lake in Mount Abu, Rajasthan. Toad Rock is known as Toad Rock because it is shaped as a Toad and is situated over the shores of the lake which exactly resembles a toad wanting to dive into the waters there. Toad Rock is also famous for it’s photographic sceneic where you can click great photographs of your trip. It is one of the great honeymoon spot of Mount Abu as it is situated near Nakki Lake.

Honeymoon point: Love Rock:-

Honeymoon point is one of the beautiful place to visit in Mount Abu, Rajasthan where you can enjoy great scenario of beautiful greenery and mountain views. Honeymoon point:Love Rock is one of the mesmerizing and charming place to visit in Rajasthan while your travel. It is also known as Anandara Point situated at 4000 feet height stands out from romantic places in Mount Abu. Honeymoon point is one of the most romantic places to visit in Mount Abu.

Guru Shikhar:-

Guru Shikhar is one of the highest point of Aravlli Ranges in Rajasthan. It rises to an elevation of 1,722 metres. It is 15 km from Mount Abu and a road from there leads almost to the top of the mountain. One can see the temple of Guru Dattatreya on this peak who was said to be the incarnation of Lord Hindu, Lord Brahma and Lord Shiva. Other important temples situated at this mountain peak are Chamundi Temple, Shiva Temple and Mira Temple.

Other than these beautiful places to visit in Mount Abu, Rajasthan are Rajasthan Adventure & Nature Academy, Sunset Point Mount Abu, Brahma Kumari World Spiritual University, Adhar Devi Temple, Dilwara Jain Temples, Highkodra dam, Plummy,Jalandhar nath, etc.

Things to do in Mount Abu one of the most happening places of Rajasthan in India:-

Mount Abu offers a varieties of activities to enjoy during trip. You can have both exciting and adventurous activities to do here including camping experiences in Mount Abu where you can be surrounded with greener, enjoying great time with your loved ones, enjoy food, night and many more stuff, you can also enjoy camping or trekking in the woods which is very adventurous, where you can walk miles to cleanse your mind and soul, you can also enjoy camel rides, you can also enjoy shopping at Mount Abu in Rajasthan where you can get stuff like Khadis, Kashmiri textiles, vibrant traditional Rajasthani items like food items, footwear, jewelery, clothing, Rock climbing at Mount Abu is another exciting thing you can enjoy, go rappelling with your partner to enjoy the great views of mountains, mountaineering 100 feet high is another thrilling experience in Mount Abu, etc.

Hotels or resorts to stay in a Mount Abu:-

there are many beautiful hotels and resorts to stay in Mount Abu,Rajasthan you can get varieties of hotels and restaurants including both budget friendly and luxurious ones. Here are some hotels and resorts to stay in Mount Abu while your trip are Palace hotel Inn, Chacha Inn, WelcomHeritage Connaught House Mount Abu, Cama Rajputana Club Resort, Hotel Sheratone Mount Abu, Altus Luxury Homestay, Sun Hotel & Resort, Balaram Palace Resort, Kanj Lohana Village Resort, Rajpura, Castle Bera, etc.

How to reach Mount Abu in Rajasthan:-

You can reach Mount Abu through airways and the nearest airport is in Udaipur, Rajasthan and other than Udaipur there are many more cities connected which are Jaipur, Ahmadabad, Delhi, Mumbai, etc. You can also reach Mount Abu through railways, Abu Road railway station, located around 25 km away, serves the hill town of Mount Abu.

You can also travel through roadways, Many state transport and private buses operate from nearby cities of Mount Abu. You can also travel locally either through your own vehicle or hire a cab.

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