Best tips to stay healthy and fit

5 Best Tips to Stay Healthy and Fit During Lockdown


We all have been suffering a lot during this pandemic. It’s difficult to make ourselves divert from what’s happening outside. COVID 19 made our lives more different than the previous ones. Don’t worry, nothing lasts forever. This phase will also pass. To stay strong and healthy I am sharing 5 best tips to stay healthy and fit during the quarantine.

Best Tips To Stay Healthy and Fit

Most of you are getting scared to put on some weight. Today I am going to tell you some great tips to stay healthy and fit at home.

Keep yourself hydrated the whole day long. Drinking waters results in reducing the amount of fibrosis and results in building your immunity system stronger.

There are some specific times in a day to drink water which results in losing weight as well as helps you to stay fit and healthy. I call them standard time for drinking water. If you drink a glass of water at these specific times it will definitely result in reducing your weight automatically.

1. Time to drink water in order to stay healthy and fit

Best Tips to stay healthy and fit

Undermentioned timings are best to drink water to stay healthy and fit.
08.00 am
11.00 am
01.00 pm
04.00 pm
08.00 pm
During these specific times are body is active and drinking a glass of water makes it possible to digest our food easily as well as improves our digestive systems as well which ultimately helps to stay fit and healthy.

2. Exercise at home in order to stay healthy and fit

Best Tips to stay healthy and fit

Many of you have been going to the gym for so long. Sitting at home and doing not a single exercise must be frustrating. Without proper equipment and gears it seems like impossible to get in shape these days. Here I am going to tell you about a few exercises which makes you fit and healthy such as:

Skipping rope
Mountain walk
Walking lunges

Squats and many more. My next article will be all about exercises and tips to stay healthy and fit naturally without any equipment.

Other than reducing weight another important task is to improve your inner body strength. As you all know the famous phrase “Health is Wealth”. Here are some healthy lifestyle tip for you all:-

3. Eat lots of lots of fruits to stay healthy and fit

Best Tips to stay healthy and fit

Fruits keep you hydrated and contain fluids and lots of vitamins. As you all know that summers are here, to keep your body fit you should eat varieties of fruits which will be very effective for your body. For example, watermelon, guava, leeches, grapes, muskmelon, apples, and so on.

Another important thing to be fit at home is consuming juices. Drinking juice increases your metabolism and benefits in load up in a variety of minerals, fibers and vitamins. Here’s the list of some fat burning juices which will make you stay fit and healthy in quarantine;-

Karela juice
Pomegranate juice
Aloe vera juice
Cucumber juice
Orange juice
Watermelon juice
Pineapple juice

4. Mental Health status to stay healthy and fit

Best Tips to stay healthy and fit

Physical fitness is a state of health. With physical health, mental health is also mandatory. I am going to share some simple tips for fitness success:-

First of all it’s important to exercise daily and along with exercise yoga is also important to make your skin look rejuvenating. Exercise will result in physical fitness but meditation will result in gaining mental fitness which is must in order to live a healthy and happy lifestyle.

Try to consume healthy food on the daily basis. Intake of green leafy vegetables will strengthen your stamina. Have a proper salad especially those containing fibres such as cucumbers.

5. It’s all about timings to stay healthy and fit

Best Tips to stay healthy and fit

Whatever you consume throughout the day should be done on specific timings otherwise your efforts will be washed off. I already told you about the timings for drinking water. Here’s the list of intakes on proper time.

Breakfast should be the heaviest meal of the day in order to get energetic throughout the day. Try to always have breakfast before 09.00 am to stay healthy and fit.

Lunch is the second meal of the day. Lunch should be consumed on a moderate level. Perfect time for having lunch should be before noon or 01.00 pm.

Dinner is the last meal of the day. As you all know a person should eat dinner like a beggar. And the reason behind it is that if you consume less amount of dinner then we sleep early and if we eat dinner late at night then our body will be energetic and we won’t be able to sleep. Dinner should be consumed three or four hours before going to bed. Dinner should be consumed before seven or eighth p.m.

Another Important Tip to stay healthy and fit is to sleep and wake up on time

If you sleep before 11.00 pm it will be beneficial for you and will result in waking up early the next day and helps you to stay healthy and fit. From 11.00 pm to 03.00 am our body detoxes on its own and results in reducing weight automatically and this is the only reason we find ourselves a bit slim when we wake up in the morning.

If we wake up early in the morning our mind, as well as our body, are more active as compared to other times of the day. This is the reason we tend to learn quickly in the morning and we are more active in our work during this time of the day. And if you perform any exercise in the early morning it will be more effective.

Those were some tips to stay healthy and fit. In the next article, I will go into more depth. Stay in touch with all the beautiful readers. Stay healthy, stay fit and more importantly stay happy.


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