Rajasthani Thali(Platter): Varieties of food in a plate:-


Rajasthan is a state situated in the beautiful country of India. Rajasthan has a very rich culture and heritage. Rajasthan offers you various types of cuisines. Royal thali (platter) of Rajasthan provides taste of each and every dish of Rajasthan in a platter. A traditional Rajsthani Thali depicts meticulous arrangements of pickels, curries, special breads, desserts, etc. Delightful Rajsthani Thali or Platter’s dishes are mostly made up of milk, curd and butter as Rajasthan is a dry state of India. 

Ingredients used in making Rajasthani Thali(platter):-

Rajasthani Thali is made up of using different types of ingredients to increase the taste of the dishes. Ingredients used in making Rajsthani Thali(platter) are: peas, lentils, fresh ghee, different different daal(pulses), oninons, turmeric, sugar, besan, makka, jowar, bajra, wheat flour, varieties of breads including round breads, gram flour, beans , cucumber, papad, curd, milk, mangoes, etc are the ingredients used in cooking Rjasthani Thaali.

Rajasthani Thali dishes name:-

Dal Baati Churma:

Dal Baati is one of the specialty of Rajasthan. Here deal(pulse) is prepared using varieties of Dals including tuvaar dal, chana dal, mung dal, moth dal, or urad dal. Dal Baati Churma are three dishes served in one meal. Baati is a hard bread made up of wheat flour. Tennis ball-sized round balls of this dough are cooked in a well-heated traditional oven. When the baati becomes golden brown in colour, it is greased with ghee and is then served with dal, rava ladoo, rice, pudina chutney, kairi (raw mango) chutney, green salad with lots of onion, and fresh buttermilk. Churma is served along with Dal Baati which is very mild and sweet. Churma is used in the form of dessert also. Dal Baati Churma is a delicate dish which is a must dish to try while traveling to Rajasthan. 

Dal Baati Churma:
Dal Baati Churma

Papad Ki Sabji:


Papad ki Sabji is another interesting cuisine served in Rajathani Platter or Thali. Sahrukh Khan recently visited Rajasthan and tried Rajasthani Thali in which he tasted Papad Ki Sabji which he likes the most. He also said it is a dish which you must try and worth it. Papad Ki Sabji is a vegetable curry made up of Papad, curd, red pepper, turmeric, etc. All spices give a delicate to this tasty dish.



Ghevar is a sweet sidh made up of ghee, flour, sugar and paneer all are blend together to make this Rajasthani couisine. There are different types of Ghevars served including Mawa Ghevar, malai Ghevar, etc.

Laal Maas:

Another vegetarian dishes you can also get non- vegetarian dishes in Rajasthani Thali or platter. Laal Maas is a meat dish with a great taste of spices in it. The then Rajput and Mughal rulers used to have Laal Maas delicacy of Rajasthan with great pleasure.

Other than these dishes you can have lots of other dishes including Mohanthal, Gujia, Ker Sangri, Wadi, Gatta Saag, Five-Ingredient Dal, Kadhi, Kachori, Off-Beat Roti, etc. Apart from these traditional dishes, pulaos, raitas and a number of pickles and relishes are also served as a part of the Rajasthani thali. 

Best Rajasthani Thali or Platter in Rajasthan:-

Places where you can have the best Rajasthani Thali served: Rajasthani Thali Wala(Jaipur), Dal Baati Churma(Jaipur), Chokhi Dhani(Jaipur), Thali and More(Jaipur), Traditional Khana(Udaipur), Krishna Dal Bati Restro / Traditional Food In Udaipur, New Santosh Bhojnalaya & Restaurant (Dal Bati Restaurant In Udaipur), Niralidhani(Jodhpur), Gypsy restaurant(Jodhpur), Dhaba on desert(Jodhpur), etc.

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