Tik tok BAN in india

Chinese app Tik tok [musically] deleted from Google Play store in India!!



  • Chinese app Tiktok accused of promoting pornography
  • Government sent letter to Google and Apple after order of the court
  • Tiktok had 24 million users in India by February

Google and Apple have banned the Chinese Mobile App TikTok in India.

Reuters has given this information. On April 3, the Madras High Court had asked the Central Government to ban the ticket, because it encouraged pornography and sexual violence against children. A public interest petition was filed to ban the app.

Tiktok (Musically) didn’t  gets any relief from Supreme CourtBit Dance Technology, the parent company of Tiktok, challenged the order of the High Court last week in the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court sent the case back to the High Court. On Tuesday, the High Court dismissed Tiktokk’s appeal.

According to an official of the Ministry of Information Technology, the central government had sent a letter to Apple and Google to follow the order of the High Court.

According to the Reuters report, Google lifted the tiktok app from the Play Store on Tuesday. The app is not available on Apple’s platform since Wednesday. Google has said that he can not comment on the individual app but he obeys the local law. Apple’s response is still not found.

Users of Tiktok can share videos with special effects and share them. According to the app analytics firm Sensor Tower, 24 million people had already downloaded the stamps in India by February.

Tiktok is very popular app among youngster let’s see how it impact the business of so many digital marketing company as influencer marketing has become a major way of digital marketing in this new era of Social media.

Social media is now a days has become a true runner for digital markeing after banning the very famous Chinese app Tiktok marketer will search for another platform.

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