Game of thrones seasion 8

Game of throne [GOT] : Now watch is going to begin


Game of throne [GOT] : Watch is going to begin

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  • A brand new Teaser of Game of Thrones 8 is released on April 2,2019
  • This teaser is giving us a lots of brainstorming work with lots of hidden clues
  • Game of Thrones 8 is to premiere on April 14.

Jon snow, Arya Stark and Sansa reunite in winterfell

The eighth season of the Game of Thrones will have only 6 episodes. The first six seasons of the show had 10-10 episodes, while the seventh season had seven episodes. It is being said that every episode of this season will be of 1 to 1.30 hours.
Promo of two new Game of Thrones Season 8 – titled “Together” and “Survival” – is to be broadcast on HBO and its channel partners all over the world. Both have a voiceover that works a bit further for HBO to come in the last six episodes of the epic fantasy series. In one, Tyrian Lennister (Peter Dinkle) says that he “should now fight together or die” and John repeats his first words, how are his enemies – white walkers and the army of the dead – not tired or stopped. In the second, Samwell Tarly (John Bradley) and John reminds about the old days, and Jamie Lennister (Nicolas Coaster-Waldo) repeats “how the great war “goes beyond loyalty.” It’s about survival. ”
Yes!! Now countdown begins for our very favourite GAME Of Thrones. HBO is not leaving any chance to excite our curiosity. Just before two weeks one more teaser got release with lots of clues an mysteries, they surely know the nerves of people so not leaving any single chance make our heart beat rise on top level. Nevertheless, this new teaser is showing us so many clues as:

  1. Dragonglass arrow
  2. Tyrion’s pin
  3. Arya’s Needle
  4. Bran’s wheelchair
  5. The Feather Robert put on Lyannas tomb
  6. Jaime’s golden hand
  7. Daenerys chain
  8. Longclaw with Night King


HBO already have release another teaser  where three members of the Stark family are seen roaming in the basement of Arya, San Jose and John Snow Stark Winterfall. The teasers come from all three different directions at the beginning and then simultaneously appear in the basement of Winterfall, passing through the idols of the dead members of their family. The dead members of the family are buried in the basement of Winterfall, and their idols are put in place.
Later in the basement, the three have their own idols. With this, the three members of the Stark family feel the snowy cold, which is a symbol of the arrival of white walkers. Fans are speculating that seeing their own idols in the cellar is a sign of something bad for these characters.

Fans are ready with New Theories:

  • Bran is the night king: last year a fan already declared that Bran is the night king who became a three raven eye, he was not supposed to stay in past or future for a long time but he overpassed the rule and children of forest made him the “Night King”. If this is theory is believed that is why people say in support that Night king did not kill his elder brother Jon Snow.
  • Another theory says that Cersie is pregnant and she is going to deliver a dwarf this time. Wow!!
  • One more fan came with another news that Daenerys Targaryen our ow khaleesi, and mother of dragons is going to be a mother soon with Jon’s child and it will be a daughter who will rule on Seven kingdoms.

Let’s see what this new teaser will bring for us to make a new theory. Can you wait till April 14. Ohh we have to.


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