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Kabir Singh is an official Hindi remake of Telugu film


Kabir Singh is an official Hindi remake of Telugu film ‘Arjun Reddy‘. In the original film, Shahid’s character was played by Vijay Devarkonda.

Story of Kabir singh (Arjun Reddy )

Story: Kabir Singh is a promising surgeon who has ruined his life because of drugs and alcoholism. The story goes to the flashback, where it is revealed that Kabir is a medical student who cannot control anger, who is also a champion of football as well as a topper, but due to anger, he used to harm people for no reasons.. Due to his actions, he is suspended from the college. Here comes our new national crush Kiara Adwani in picture a 19 year old, beautiful and simple girl Preeti Sikka (Kira Advani) in the college campus. The love blossoms between the couple and they get married. But due to high tempered of Shahid Kapoor the love disappear and life becomes hell.
As the film progresses, you are absolutely convinced that Shahid Kapoor have given justice to this complex, dark, power-packed, rebellious and high-octane character. He was the best choice for such character. “Udta Punjab” “Haider” actor is so good with such acting method, and we have already seen him as a druggist and a terrorist.

Review: Kabir Singh (Arjun Reddy)


As we all know it’s an official remake of ‘’Arjun Reddy” which came in 2017. Movie editing camera angles and over-all cinematography are not exactly unique but everything is on point for such kind of movies.

Another positive thing in the film is that the humor is right there, where the movie could otherwise be boring or dark. Then whether it is a scene where Kabir, Preity is being insulted, or every where in the Kabir is going through bad phase.

Many dialogues between Shahid and Kiara are so emotional and surreal that we can feel the chemistry between Shahid and kiara. I would particularly like to talk about the scene in which Kiara goes to Shahid’s house and the bedroom scenes where we can feel the love between the couple.

Not so good points: The movie has its own moments, but during this time the film seems to be stretchy. It looks like a mixed version of Arjun reddy movie but a happy version of “Tere Naam’’ Kiara’s character is almost a copy of the ‘Tere Naam’, the Nirjara. Especially during the ragging round.

In the film, Hero’s friend is very clueless according to Bollywood, similarly in many films like ‘Tere Naam’. Yes but Soham Majumdar played this role with great beauty.

Negative Points: No negative remarks on Shahid or Kiara’s acting skills as both were apt for the role. Only negative thing is showing a doctor Druggist, high tempered, and too much violent. So basically it’s just point of view that how you really want to look at these issues.

As per my POV it’s must watch movie if you really want to see a not-normal ordinarry movie but a fully packed but distressing movie. 3.5 Stars from my side. Let us know your views on comment section.

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