Desert Festival Jaisalmer 2020

Desert Festival Jaisalmer, Rajasthan- 2020


Desert festival of Jaisalmer 2020 in Rajasthan, India is coming soon, aren’t you excited? Check the dates and plan to visit this mesmerizing Desert Festival Jaisalmer this year.

Rajasthan, a land of beautiful forts is a beautiful state in India is famous for its glorious history. Jaisalmer is also known as the Golden City of Rajasthan famous for golden stones which are only found in this beautiful city of Rajasthan, India. Besides Jaisalmer is also famous for the Desert Camel festival of Rajasthan. 

Desert Festival of Jaisalmer 2020 Dates:-

Desert festival Jaisalmer, Rajasthan held every year in the month of February. This year Desert festival in Jaisalmer Rajasthan will take place from 17th February to 19th February 2020. You shouldn’t miss the chance of this three days grandeur desert festival of Jaisalmer, Rajasthan.

Desert Festival Jaisalmer 2020

Desert Festival of Jaisalmer 2020 Programs Venue:-

Desert festival of Rajasthan, India will be celebrated in the beautiful sand dunes of sam in Jaisalmer which are not only adventurous but romantic also to spend delightful evenings with your loved ones.

Desert Festival of Jaisalmer Rajasthan
Desert Camel Festival Jaisalmer 2020

Events to be held in the Desert Festival Jaisalmer(2020) in India:-

Desert festival of Jaisalmer 2020 will organize various programs including camel races, camel polo, camel parade, stunts performed by gymnasts on the back of camels,etc.

The desert festival of Jaisalmer 2020 will show the pure Rajasthani culture. Artists represent folk music, dance and Rajasthani art  which will make the evenings of desert festival at Jaisalmer even more delightful.

Major attraction of the desert festival in Jaisalmer 2020 will be the various cultural events including longest moustache competition, Mr. Desert contest, etc. There will be many stalls of Rajasthani art, delicacies which will enlighten your taste, handicraft items, etc.

There are mind-blowing adventurous activities also take place which will really lighten up your mood such as: parachuting, cricket match, desert safari, camping and many more.

Other than it’s Thar desert aka Great Indian Desert, Rajasthan is also famous for its sand dunes. About 40-45kms away from Jaisalmer, there lies splendid sand dunes for sam. Every year at sam in Jaisalmer New Year fest is organised which attractions many foreigners and tourists.

Things to do in Jaisalmer besides Desert Festival of Jaisalmer 2020:-

You can spend your entire vacations not only on relying on desert festival of Rajasthan you can also bring more colour to your journey by going on sightseeing.

You can also visit many tempting places in Jaisalmer such as: a visit to water surrounded to Gadisar lake will make your evening soothing, if you take a round to the city don’t forget to visit the alluring Golden fort of Jaisalmer it is one of my personal favorite place to spend time at and International Camel Festival in Bikaner, Rajasthan is also worth visiting.

Desert fest Jaisalmer

Desert safari in the spellbound sand dunes of our largest desert of India i.e., Thar desert is another extraordinary thing to do in Jaisalmer.

You can also go for shopping where the Jaisalmer market attracts many beautiful items and clothing ware along with varieties of spices. What surprised me most when I was there that there’s this shop where they wrote the entire name of a person on single rice, unbelievable isn’t it?

Interesting things in the desert festival of Jaisalmer:-

Years ago Indians called Africans to help us throughout the independence process and other activities too but after Independence we made a tight bond with them and didn’t allow them to go back, they are considered to be a part of our family. Every year to respect the community people of Gujarat, India perform Africa’s regional dance form along with their folk song to give special touch to the desert festival of Rajasthan and showing deeply rooted culture of Africa.

Many other dance forms are performed representing other regions of India in the Jaisalmer desert festival: Kalbeliya representing Rajasthan state, Dogri representing J & K, Bhangra dance form of Punjab and so on. 

To give the glimpse to the glorious culture of Rajasthan in desert desert festival of Jaisalmer 2020  Langaas(traditional singers of Rajasthan) will perform describing the history of desert festival as well as of Rajasthan through folk music.

Another interesting things to see in a desert festival in Jaisalmer will be camel fur cutting competition, fire dance on coal, female pot race, wrestling between foreigners Vs Indians, tug among foreigners Vs Indians, ramp show and many other events too. Come and enjoy this mind blowing desert fest of 2020.

Places to stay near desert fest in Jaisalmer 2020:-

Desert festival Jaisalmer is an annual event that takes place every year in the month of February in the beautiful city, Jaisalmer in Rajasthan state, India. February is the month of season in which many foreigners and tourists are interested in visiting Rajasthan for its various events and Desert festival Jaisalmer is one such event. 

There are many beautiful places both budget friendly and luxurious to stay in Jaisalmer. Such as:

Hotel Mandir Palace gives a good ambience of the inside, pool area is there to refresh you, it’s a five-star hotel with an amazing view to enjoy your delightful evenings, etc.

Hotel Nachana Haveli  which is 0.4 km to desert festival Jaisalmer, Rajasthan. Along with having good food this hotel also has an old infrastructure which ns quite charming.

To enjoy the best of the best moments in desert fest of 2020 instead of staying in a hotel has an outdoor adventurous experience by staying in a desert safari camp. This camp will begin on Jan. 22 and conclude on Jan. 23.

Besides these beautiful there are many more places to stay near desert fest of 2020 in Jaisalmer including Hotel Royal Haveli, Hotel Rawlkot Jaisalmer, Rajputana desert camp, Fort Rajwada, The Grace Inn, Hotel Golden Haveli, Zostel Jaisalmer and many more.

How to reach in the desert festival of Jaisalmer 2020:-

As you all know Jaisalmer is a beautiful city located in the Indian state of Rajasthan where you can reach by air, roadways as well as railways. Though Jaisalmer is not directly connected to by air, nearby airport if Jodhpur which is located 300 km away from Jaisalmer, from there you can easily hire a cab to reach the desert fest of Jaisalmer. 

You can take any bus route to reach Desert Festival Jaisalmer as this city(Jaisalmer) is having well connected network of roadways. Both deluxe and ordinary buses are available. 

Jaisalmer’s rail network is broad and connected with major cities of India such as Delhi, the capital city of India, Jaipur, the capital city of Rajasthan, etc. Jaisalmer has direct rail networks with these cities. Luxurious trains like ‘Palace on Wheels’ is also connected directly to Jaisalmer, Rajasthan.

Don’t forget to visit this amazing Desert Festival in Jaisalmer 2020.

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