Types of people at bar

Types of people at bar:-


There are lots of people you meet at bar. There are some people whom you like and some you don’t, who usually makes your day into total nightmare. Let’s talk about the type of people we meet at bar.

The one who’s drunk all time:-

Type number one is very relatable and easy to find in any bar you go around. There are some people who visits bar only to get high. They neither care with whom they are sitting nor very much care about the company. They are totally into a different zone, maybe drinking is some kind of a therapy for such people.

The one who gets fresh with every other person:-

Ohkay! These types of people are really annoying yet difficult to deal with. There are some rare specie on Earth known as “douchbag”. When they enter the bar their only motive is either to find a girl to flirt with or to get into a fight of no reason. These type of people come to bar and try their move with other people just to kill their time.

The Diva:-

Here comes The Divas who comes to the club looking all sexy and glamarous. These type of girls points out each and every person in the bar and in the end try to be the cool one. Well some of them surely knows good moves and entertain the entire club by their moves. Well it’s good for us because we all here for entertainment. On the other side some of them are very kinky who only knows who to ruin other people’s day

The spoil brat:-

The spoil brats!!! They are some serious pain in everybody’s ass. They come to the bar and think as if it’s their daddy’s place, always order rude, passes sarcastic comments on everyone out their, if they enjoy their own company then good otherwise they surely know how to entertain themselves by insulting others, sometimes they destroy the place or sometimes they give big warnings to the manager and staff.

The dancer:-

The dancer one is surely our personal favorite. They not only entertain us but also are very friendly. Their only purpose to visit the club is just to chill out and dance all night long. They really know how to lighten up everyone’s mood in the bar. Without them it would be very difficult to enjoy the night at the bar.


Groupies are also of different types. Some come to the bar just to enjoy their time with their people, some come to the club just to tease others, etc. But they are definitely not harmful to the bar as in a group there is always at least one person who is sensible enough to handle the entire senerio. Some groupies are very humble because they are very friendly to staff and always give extra tip.

The sad soul:-

Their is definitely a person in the club who is always sad either related to live life, family problem, business problems, life struggle or anything. He/she visits the bar always sit near the bartender and drink. Firstly they drink and drink and drink and drink a lot and after getting high always tell their sad stories to the bartender or any other person avialable in the bar. But they surely are the last ones to leave and of course raises the capital of the club.

The one’s always in search of a partner:-

There are some people at bar who’s only motive is to find a partner. They visit the clubs looking all good and try to act decent all throughout the night so that in the end they’d get the kind of girl/guy they want. Sometimes they come with the company but never really enjoy the company because their soul purpose is to find out the right mate for them.

The one who wants to get laid:-

There are varieties of people at bar. You can always find a person in the bar who just wants to get laid at the end of the night. These type of people try to sexy and more sexy whether with their dressing, dance moves or their expressions. They are not even ashamed as it is their main focus. And somehow in the end they are pretty much successful in getting laid, how lucky!

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