Avengers 4: Endgame will be releasing on April 2019.


Avengers 4: Endgame will be releasing on April 2019. We all are excited for the upcoming events which will take place in Avengers. As per the sources Robert Downey junior(aka Tony stark or Iron Man) will be playing very important role in Avengers. Trailer of Avengers was launched on 7 December 2018. In trailer we saw that Iron Man was continuously talking to his AI known as Jarvis he was left on an unknown planet where he couldn’t able to find neither food or water. Other than Robert marvel cinematic universe (MCU) have Chris Evans, Scarlett Johnsson, Mark Ruffelo, Chris Hemsworth, Jeremy Renner and many more. Will it be the last series of Avengers? Is it really the end game or the beginning of the new game. Let’s find out.

Avengers 4: end game is one of the top-notch superhero movies. In the last part “Avengers 3: Infinity stones” we’ve seen that the story revolves around Thanos a big purple giant who vanished half of the population in order to balance the environment on the Earth and he stucked to his words eventually half of the population on Earth disappeared without any discrimination as soon as he closed his fist at the end scene of Avengers 3. Along with half of the population, half of the superheros also died including spider man, Star-Lord, black panther, doctor stranger and many more. Only a few top-notch superheros are alive including black widow, captain America, iron man, Thor and a few others. Will these superheros give this top-notch superhero movie avengers 4: end game a big success.

From the trailer it is clearly visible that captain America and black widow are very confused about the events but on the other side iron man was continuously talking to his robot’s face/ Al which at first gave an impression that he has gone nuts but as far as I am sure doctor stranger in the last part said that “there’s only one chance of us winning this war from Thanos and rest 3600 crore times we’ll loose” which means doctor stranger knew that iron man is the only person who can play a very important role in saving the entire World from Thanos. And about talking to his AI maybe he is trying to collect some information about the mishappenings. On the other side captain America and black widow saw a clip from the past in the trailer. Did they get the clip from iron man or they got it from somebody else? The point is that particular clip was from past which means from past they could get clues about the future. As far as I am sure superheros will win like always and Iron man will be the big hand to win this war. But the question is who will save iron man from an unknown island? Avengers 3:infinity stones made Thanos looks unbeatable. We thought Doctor strange will be the one who will save the whole world but it seemed like in avengers 3 he was gone. Now the question is if not doctor stranger than who will be protecting the whole world Iron man or Captain american? We have predictions that only Iron man can save the world. Let’s see what will be the real story of top-notch superhero movie, Avengers 4: end game. Let’s see whether it’s the end game or the beginning of another game.

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