Australia being the first ever country using wing’s drones for deliveries for public:-


Australia being the first ever country using wing’s drones for deliveries for public:-

You all have heard about delivery boys very often in your locality. Deliveries are something which make it very convenient for both the seller and the buyer to get their parcel/food/anything on time. Technology is upgrading day by day at global level at faster rate. Australia is the first ever country started using Google’s drones for deliveries. How cool is that? Recently Australia has given regulatory approval for using drones for deliveries after an 18 month trial in which 3000 deliveries were successful.

Google’s drones giving competition to other companies:-

Wing is a big brand which has started drone deliveries for commercialization purpose. Wing predicts that drone deliveries will be worth between AU$30 to AU$40 million in business area and will be a great success by the end of 2030. Wing is giving direct competition to big brands/companies like Amazon, Flytrex, Flirtey,etc wing has become a complete company underneath the Alphabet corporate umbrella last year. Many companies got inspired by Wing’s drones delivery such as UPS(partnered with Matternet) experimenting drone deliveries in north Carolina delivering medical supplies.

How Australia’s first commercial drone works:-

Services of Wing are shaking hands with local businessman or businesses including coffee shops, pharmacies, etc delivering their package on time. Google’s drones will work from Monday to Friday from 7am to 8pm. On Sunday’s timings will be 8am to 8pm. Other than providing facilities there are some restrictions imposed on drone deliveries by Wing for the safety purpose and smooth working. Drones will not be allowed to fly over main roads and also not allowed to fly too close to people. Customers will also be given briefing in dealing or interacting with drones.

CASA’s statement- “very likely” to be a World first:-

CASA ia an Australia’s regulatory authority. CASA said that Australia is “very likely” to be a world first country to commercialize in drones. Wing’s drone company has beaten Amazon in commercial business providing services to the general public. In December, Wing announced that it was launching a trial service in Finland where it would offer 10-minute deliveries for free within the country’s capital. As I mentioned earlier it’s not just Amazon competing with wing there are many more companies including Flytrex of Israeli, Flirtey of USA,etc.

Safety:- Initially Wing Aviation pvt Ltd started drone operation at 100 houses in Canberra the capital city of Australia and now it is deciding to expand areas. After 3000 deliveries the regulators judged and checked that it is safe to do this very business making Australia the first ever country to get commercial approval anywhere in the entire World. Drone deliveries project was considered safe after having an 18 month trial. Company said it has been deliverying food and drinks, chemist items,


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