6 Crazy Fun Facts of Girls Hostel Life!!


Girls in a Hostel:-

There are tonnes of girls in a hostel. Some are decent, some are clever, some are naughty, some are dumb and some are strong.

The one with lice:-

We find varieties of girls in a hostel. There are some girls who are very hygienic and other are not very much hygienic. There are some girls in the hostel who are dirty and don’t xlean up themselves very often. For girls their hair is very much important to them. If one girl gets lice then all the others have to suffer. And the annoying part girls having lice neither tell that they are having lice nor they stop borrowing hair stuff from other girls.

Maggie is the only food:-

Hostel girls definitely don’t like the food served in the mess. They always end up having Maggie meals. Maggie is the soul survival for hostel girls. We don’t like the food of the mess, let’s have Maggie. In case of raining, we loved to have Maggie. During exams, Maggie is our favorite midnight snack. While watching movie, we can’t watch it without Maggie. Maggie is everywhere at every time.

Girls having boyfriends:-

Around 70% hostel girls have boyfriends. Some girls can’t even poop without informing their guys while some girls can’t even sleep without talking to their guys. Some girls are all time horny with their guys on the other hand some girls don’t let their guys to live they just nagg them all the time. When you enter in the hostel you will see almost each and every girl is talking on their mobile phones. And this is the reason we find tonnes of gossips every day.

The one who always borrow stuffs:-

Hostel girls have lots of talent either they learn to do well in academics or they definitely learn to tackle things in practical life. They are jugadoo, they know what they want and how to get whatever they want. They spent their most of the hostel life borrowing. When they go on a date they borrow clothes, whenevr they are out of food stock they borrow, when they don’t have enough money they borrow, they even borrow pads during periods, they just borrow all the time. Borrowing is a way for their survival.

The one who steals:-

Their always a girl or more in the hostel who’s in the habit of stealing. Stealing not only luxurious things even small small things. That girl steal clothes, accessories, shampoo, food, toiletries, cosmetics, even UGs and many more items and surprisingly you can never catch her. Leonardo movie “catch me if you can” is definitely suits her.

The one who bullies all the time:-

It is very difficult for a fresher to survive in the hostel. Not all seniors are nice. Some seniors are very difficult to deal with. They bully you all the time and in case you don’t listen to them it’ll be very difficult to survive in the hostel. You have to do all the task they assign whether it a big task or a small one. They make you do the weirdest things.


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